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An example of an Organic Inspection
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Biodegradeable mulch release
On 24 April 2015, Dubois Agrinovation published a Canada-wide electronic newsletter claiming that Bio360 had received approval from the Organic Federation of Canada for biodegradeable mulch film to be used by organic operators. This claim is false. Read more...
The PACS is an incorporated society within the province of British Columbia and as a not for profit society is controlled by the clients it serves. As there are no profits, fees are tied directly to costs.

Our floating scale certification fees keep costs reasonable for all of our clients, from small growers to multi-million dollar food processors and distributors.

The PACS has a number of programs including Canada Organic Regime organic certification, which gives clients the option of exporting to other provinces, the USA and overseas. We certify enterprises Canada wide.


The Low Risk Assessment Program is available to clients who do not export products out of their home province, whose production systems do not include both organic and non-organic crop production or organic and non-organic livestock production, have no outstanding conditions, have had an organic certificate for the past three years and have been a PACS client for at least two years. This program has reduced inspection requirements but participants are subject to the possibility of unannounced inspection during the inspection-free years.

PACS application forms are posted on this website for easy access and there are Brand Names Lists which have been developed by the PACS for the use of our clients. Links to these sections of our website are protected, requiring a password for access.

The Canadian Organic Standard, the Permitted Substances Lists, the PACS Handbook for Organic Operators and the PACS Quality Manual are all posted here for public access.

A File Transfer Form is available for prospective clients wishing to transfer to the PACS from a different certifying body and the Initial Certification Registration Form for all prospective clients is also available.

We have Events and Notices page which is available to all members for posting of upcoming events or happenings that would be of interest.

To transfer from another Certification Body, complete a File Transfer Form which can be downloaded from this website (or call the PACS office at 250-558-7927).

To apply for certification, complete an Initial Certification Registration Form which can be downloaded from this website (or call the PACS office at 250-558-7927).

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